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Looking for new hands-on homeschooling ideas to spice up your week? Or a simple co-op theme? The newly released Not Just Tacos family cookbook may be just the thing you are searching for!

I had the privilege of receiving a free review copy of Not Just Tacos: A Journey Into the World of Authentic Latin American Cuisine by Shirley Solis. She is not a professional chef, but a homeschooling mom of six with a passion to introduce families to the flavors, people and geography of Latin America. Shirley shares the heart behind Not Just Tacos in this video. Her mission shines through in every beautiful page, as you journey with your family to 22 Latin American countries through the vivid photography, authentic and delicious recipes, and cultural highlights shared in each chapter.


Not Just Tacos is not just a cookbook: It’s a roadmap to a delicious and inspiring family learning experience! You can easily use the book as a launching pad for weekly hands-on homeschooling or an informal family co-op that includes a study of geography, culture, cooking techniques, and even details about the spices that are commonly used in Latin American food. You’ll be engaging all the senses as your children are learning about each country, and you’ll be guaranteed at least one amazing home-cooked meal each week that you don’t have to make all by yourself.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 68 authentic recipes from 22 different Latin American countries, with beautiful photos.
  • Recipes that include easy-to-find ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Scenic photographs and fun facts about each country, including pronunciation help.
  • A study on spices common to Latin American cuisine, with photos & details.
  • A weights and measurements page so you can throw some math into the mix.

Here are a few examples of the included recipes:

Choripán (from Argentina)

Not Just Tacos Family Cookbook

Cazuela de Vaca (from Chile)

Not Just Tacos Family Cookbook

Tamal de Elote (from El Salvador)

Not Just Tacos Family Cookbook

We are already fans of Latin American cooking in my home: My mom is from Mexico, and my husband loves making Mexican food. What we loved about this book is that we can travel outside our comfort zone of recipes and not just try new recipes, but get a taste of more diverse Latin American culture through all the extras that accompany each delicious bite. There’s such wonderful diversity in the recipes: The Arroz Imperial is an easy large-family feast, Ceviche de Pescado is a simple but lovely “grown up” appetizer, and Carne Guisada is a flavorful crock-pot option.

There is really so much to love about this book as a resource for families to enjoy together, no matter now you decide to use it. I know we can’t wait to continue our journey with this book. We’re even thinking about inviting a family to do it with us.

The special online giveaway period has expired! However, you can purchase Not Just Tacos for a limited-time special price on

Do you use cooking as an opportunity for hands-on homeschooling? What are some of your favorite resources for this? Come back and let us know what you think when you start using your copy of Not Just Tacos. We’d love to hear which recipes are your favorites, and how you’re using it as a hands-on homeschooling experience with your family.

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