Join Us: Be the Voice for Persecuted Christians

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“Let your mouth be open for those who have no voice, in the cause of those
who are ready for death.” — Proverbs 31:8 (BBE)

Like you, we’ve seen the headlines and read the alarming news reports about persecuted Christians fleeing for their lives and dying in Iraq and Syria — and have felt a world away, wondering what if anything we can do to stand with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. How can we support them right here, right now?

Join us at NextGen Homeschool this week as we partner with Food for the Hungry, The Busy Mom Heidi St. John, and Planet Mommyhood through the #IAmYourVoice campaign to raise awareness, support and prayer for persecuted Christians in the Middle East.


As ISIS has been taking over parts of Iraq and Syria, our Christian brothers and sisters are fleeing their homes in order to survive — taking only what their arms carry, often just their children. The lives they knew before are being destroyed. In their distress, Iraqi and Syrian Christians have been made voiceless. But we can be their voice.

We ask you to join us as we pray daily for the martyrs dying for Christ’s name, our Christian brothers and sisters being persecuted and fleeing for their lives in Iraq and Syria, and for the gospel message to continue to penetrate the darkness in the Middle East.

Fellow believers, let us cry out for the children who fear they will be the next victim. Let us call out for the women who fear enslavement by this enemy. Let us speak for the men who cannot protect their wives and children. Let us make known that we hear their silent screams, we are praying and we will send help.

“Alone, we are nothing, but through the blood of Jesus Christ, we are family and we will speak for you. I am your voice.” — Jenn Hoskins, Planet Mommyhood

Support Refugees Fleeing Violence at


Families, we ask you to join us and stand with the “I Am Your Voice” campaign this week. Show your support: Let our persecuted brothers and sisters know you will be their voice. Let them know they are not alone. You no longer have to feel powerless living a world away. Together, we are their voice!

What can I do to be the voice for persecuted Christians in the Middle East?

1) Pray for the refugees and martyrs in the Middle East. Thousands of refugees are rushing into Lebanon and experiencing more hardships on the road. Show your prayer support by joining the #IAmYourVoice prayer team at, where you will also find information and resources to share about this campaign. Download a free #IAmYourVoice printable prayer pack to include your children in your prayer time.

2) Share a photo or video from the #IAmYourVoice campaign (found at on your social media accounts. Use the hashtag #IAmYourVoice when you share photos and links as you lend your voice to support Christians fleeing persecution in Iraq and Syria. has teamed up with Planet Mommyhood and Heidi St. John to create a unique video drive campaign: Lend your social voice to support our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters by sharing this video and downloading a supporter’s guide.


3) Give financial support to frontline relief efforts in the Middle East. Food for the Hungry is partnering with Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD), which works with the local church to help those fleeing ISIS to find safety and shelter. LSESD is currently supporting between 6,000 to 7,000 vulnerable Syrian families in Lebanon and in Syria, and more than 1,500 Iraqi Christian families that have sought refuge in Lebanon: They expect to have a growth in Iraqi refugees in the coming months. Visit to contribute your financial support.


4) Encourage others to join you in this campaign. Share through your blog and/or social media about how others can join you and the #IAmYourVoice prayer team and give to support relief efforts in the Middle East. Pray as a family, pray in your circles of fellowship, and raise awareness right where you are.

5) Join us on Facebook live this week. Meet other #IAmYourVoice supporters on on Facebook this Thursday, September 18, at 9PM EST for the #IAmYourVoice Facebook Party, where we’ll be joined by the Food for the Hungry Director of Emergency Response. He’ll answer questions about what Food for the Hungry is doing in the field right now in Iraq and Syria. The campaign will also be giving away some donated prizes during this virtual gathering.

Will you join us this week in prayer for persecuted Christians in the Middle East? Can you help us share the #IAmYourVoice campaign and raise awareness for what we as Christians can do right here, right now to support relief efforts in the field? Thank you for your prayers and partnership! 

Renée Gotcher is a wife, writer, editorial consultant, and home-educating mother of three daughters. She has been married for 26 years to her best friend Kenny, whom she met while attending Oral Roberts University in the early 90s. Renée was homeschooled during her last two years of high school and started homeschooling in 2010. A former journalist, she is currently editor of NextGen Homeschool and blogs on personal topics at A New Chapter. Her family lives in Castle Rock, Colorado.