Top Homeschool Posts of 2014: Hands-On

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Welcome to NextGen Homeschool’s Top Homeschool Posts of 2014 Series! This week we’ll be sharing the top homeschooling topics — and most viewed posts — of last year based on the number of reader views and pins at NextGen Homeschool. Pin this page so you can refer back to each topic as needed: It’s a great resource as you tackle the New Year!


One of our most popular topics at NextGen Homeschool is Hands-On Homeschooling: This past year, we shared ideas on how to homeschool in your backyard, while traveling, at local historical fairs and farms, and more.

Here are the Top Ten “Hands-On Homeschooling” posts of 2014:

  • Planning our 1800s America Unit Studies – History is the perfect topic to explore through many hands-on learning experiences. One NextGen Homeschool mom shares how she prepared her interactive unit studies.
  • How to Plan for Homeschool Travel – Taking a vacation or road trip will never be the same when you’re a homeschooling family: How to prepare for on-the-road learning opportunities.
  • What’s Working: Preschool Busy Boxes – Making school time interactive and captivating for your toddlers, while keeping them occupied so you can work with older children.
  • What’s Working: Group Presentation Days – How a homeschool presentation day (with a group or another family) can foster public speaking and social skills for your children.
  • Hands-On Homeschool: Making Corn Husk Dolls – A simple project to bring history to life that is ideal for a Little House on the Prairie book club or historical unit study!
  • Hands-On Homeschool: Medieval Fair Trip – How to utilize local historical fairs to step back in time with your children while studying the time periods.
  • Hands-On Homeschool: A Backyard Farm? – You don’t have to live on a farm to experience some aspects of farm life in your own backyard. You never know what you might enjoy!
  • Hands-On Homeschool: Living History Days – How “living history” events and attractions can give your children a chance to experience first-hand the life of historical characters you’re studying.
  • 31 Days of Homeschool How-To: Use Co-Ops – Homeschool co-ops can be a great way to add hands-on learning to your overall homeschool plan. Here’s how to choose a co-op that’s right for you.
  • New eBook: Bring History to Life for Your Children with Genealogy – NextGen Homeschool Author Rosanna Ward draws from more than 20 years of genealogy research experience in this 50-plus page genealogy eBook guide for parents & teachers. Making History Personal provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct simple & practical genealogy research for use in History study for all ages, including timeline project guidelines, field trip & semester project ideas, and unit study planning guides.

Thank you for joining us as we take a look back at the Top Homeschool Posts of 2014 here at NextGen Homeschool! Stay tuned for the next post in this series: Top Homeschool Posts of 2014 on The Heart of Homeschooling.