Tools to Help You Bloom as a Homeschool Mama

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Although I’m a NextGen homeschooler and had a positive personal experience with homeschooling, I struggled with many of the same doubts and fears — the “big fat lies” — that all homeschool mamas face, and I didn’t homeschool from the start. In fact, it took me several years to grow my faith and develop confidence to step forward down the homeschooling path I knew God was leading me to. What a difference a homeschooling resource like “bloom” would have made for me back then!

What is “bloom” all about?

“bloom” is a self-paced online video course created by Alicia Michelle of Vibrant Homeschooling designed to provide YOU with a practical — yet very personal — growing experience. Whether you’re a new homeschooler who needs a confidence boost or a veteran homeschooler in need of refreshment, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the “bloom” online course. Alicia comes alongside you with a step-by-step approach to overcoming common challenges all homeschool mamas face with practical, achievable solutions.

The “bloom” online coursewhich you can complete at your own pace, includes At-Home Discovery Packets that accompany each lesson and give you tools to personalize and apply what you’ve learned. Plus the interactive “bloom” Facebook group led by Alicia provides you with a built-in support community to encourage and inspire you during the growing process, and you can jump in and participate anytime.

This past month I completed the “bloom” online course with a team of top homeschool mama bloggers, and what a blessing it has been! Although I am now somewhat of a veteran homeschooler (we just finished our fifth year), I learned a lot from Alicia — especially in areas that I still struggle with, such as comparison and perfectionism. I was really encouraged by her personal experience and inspired by her strategies to help all homeschool mamas “bloom” where we are planted!

What will I learn?

The “bloom” course gives practical, customized solutions that address the biggest stealers of homeschool joy. These strategies include everything from:

  • facing the big fat lies;
  • managing ever-changing routines;
  • discovering everyday true soul rest;
  • dealing with perfectionism, comparison and anger;
  • handling the ongoing needs and (seemingly relentless) outside opinions;
  • discovering lasting joy (even on the toughest days);
  • and more!

Click on this FAQ about “bloom.” You can also see what 17 top homeschool bloggers who have already completed “bloom” say about it here!

Registration for “bloom” is currently closed, however you can sign up on the “bloom” information page to be informed when registration opens again!

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