NextGen Homeschool looks at today’s homeschooling experience through the eyes of four homeschooled sisters — from two different families — who have chosen to pass along the gift of homeschooling to our next generation, our own children. Though we share the common experience of having been homeschooled ourselves, we each have our own reasons for choosing to homeschool our children — and we have different approaches to implementing homeschooling in our families.

The authors at NextGen Homeschool are dedicated to encouraging homeschooling families and prospective homeschoolers by sharing our real-world experiences as formerly homeschooled students and current homeschoolers. We share practical advice, tackle big issues, provide our solutions to common challenges, and speak from the heart about the work in progress that is our unique homeschooling journey.

Here’s what you’ll find at NextGen Homeschool:

  • We answer common homeschool questions and concerns in our “Ask a NextGen Homeschooler” feature. You’ll hear from all four NextGen Homeschool authors (when possible) sharing our unique point of view on the topic at hand. We love receiving reader questions for this feature, so ask away!

  • We explain what homeschooling looks like in our homes, including Hands-On Homeschool examples and practical Homeschool Tutorials & Tips. We cover every homeschooling topic, from curriculum and scheduling to socialization and learning styles. We also pull back the curtain on our day-to-day homeschooling, celebrating the joys and overcoming the challenges, in NextGen Homeschool Journal.

  • We share how our faith in Christ influences our family life, homeschooling decisions, and personal testimony in Faith & Family, and how our personal experiences as formerly homeschooled students shape our views today in NextGen Perspectives.

Why is a NextGen Homeschool perspective helpful?

Homeschooling is currently experiencing a second wave of implementers: Many of today’s public schools are more crowded than ever, private options are more expensive than ever, and our country’s economic challenges are bringing educational quality issues into the spotlight. There’s a growing concern about lack of school resources, enormous class sizes, dropping test scores, lack of college readiness, and more. However, modern homeschooling found its wings in the 1980s, and the students from these “first-adopter” homeschooling families are now adults and, most likely, parents themselves.

Have you ever wondered how these ground-breaking students fared in the real world after graduating from the homeschool experience — and what decisions they’ve made with their own children? Statistics support the notion that homeschooled students do quite well — and most often excel — in educational performance and in the workforce. But research aside, what’s going on in the life of the homeschool graduate who now has his or her own family?

While we can’t speak for our entire generation of homeschool graduates, we can tell you our side of the story. We can share with you where we’ve been and where we are going today as a result. We look forward to taking you along this journey with us, and encourage you to share your own experiences and point of view!

Our mission is to encourage and support today’s homeschooling families by sharing our experiences as NextGen Homeschoolers.

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  1. Hello!! My name is Kathy Collins from Homeschool Oklahoma, formerly OCHEC. We have this website listed on our support group page, but i was wondering if you would like more information added to serve our families. Please text or call me at 580-574-9220 or email me at your earliest convenience. We are here to serve you at Homeschool Oklahoma

    1. Hello Kathy,
      Thank you for contacting us about being a resource for your families. At this time we are not updating this site and leaving it up as a resource for anyone that might access it, so we don’t have any additional information to provide.
      Best regards,
      Renée Gotcher

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