Why I Didn’t Homeschool From the Start

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Yes, I am a homeschooled mama — I was homeschooled before most people knew homeschooling was a “thing” you could do. In the late 1980s, my mom chose to include me in her new homeschool plans even though I was only two years away from graduating high school. However, you might be surprised to learn that although I had a positive experience being homeschooled, I didn’t homeschool my own children from the start.

Here are just a few things that held me back:

  • I don’t have time — I have to work!
  • I’m not prepared — I need to do more research!
  • I’m not patient enough — my kids and I will drive each other crazy!

Do any of these objections sound familiar to you?

This week I am a guest contributor at Meg Hykes’ candid, humorous and informative blog, Homeschoolin’ Mama, and my topic is: “Why a Homeschooled Mama Resisted Homeschooling. Click through to the full post on her blog and find out how I overcame these and other common fears and objections that can hold any parent back from the decision to homeschool.


Do you relate to any of these fears? Are you still unsure about the decision to homeschool? Or are you a new homeschooler feeling overwhelmed and full of self-doubt? You’re not alone! What concerns do you struggle with about homeschooling?