Top Homeschooling Posts of 2013: Hands-On

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Welcome to NextGen Homeschool’s Top Homeschooling Posts of 2013 Series! This week we’ll be sharing the top homeschooling topics — and most viewed posts — of last year based on the number of reader views and pins at NextGen Homeschool. Pin this page so you can refer back to each topic as needed: It’s a great resource as you tackle the New Year!


Hands-on Homeschooling posts, which included everything from how to make preschool busy boxes and corn-husk dolls, study nature and wildlife, start a homeschool co-op and interact with living history, drew readers to NextGen Homeschool on a daily basis. One of our favorite aspects of homeschooling is the ability to get out of the “classroom” whenever possible and experience hands-on education, instilling in our children a lifelong love of learning!

Here are the most-viewed posts of 2013 featuring hands-on homeschooling projects:

What are your family’s favorite hands-on homeschooling adventures? Do you ever travel for homeschooling purposes? What are some of your favorite at-home hands-on learning experiences?