Five Places to Find Spiritual Refreshment

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Every journey requires times of rest to regroup and restore physically and mentally. As homeschoolers, we know this all to well: It’s easy to burn out when we don’t pace ourselves and take necessary breaks.

It’s no different with our spiritual journey. If we’re running full steam ahead ourselves and constantly pouring out to others without being refilled, we can quickly run out of gas and find ourselves depleted and empty. Sometimes daily refreshment is enough, and other times I’m so drained that I need a more deliberate break for spiritual restoration.


MYB-ContributorToday I’m sharing five ways that I reconnect with the Lord for spiritual refreshment over at Managing Your Blessings.

My complete post includes scriptures that point out places to seek spiritual refreshment, as well as ideas for daily refreshment and those occasions when you need an intentional retreat for restoration.


What are your greatest struggles with finding time for spiritual refreshment? How do you seek refreshment on a daily basis? Do you make time to rejuvenate with friends or take an occasional retreat?

Renée Gotcher is a wife, writer, editorial consultant, and home-educating mother of three daughters. She has been married for 26 years to her best friend Kenny, whom she met while attending Oral Roberts University in the early 90s. Renée was homeschooled during her last two years of high school and started homeschooling in 2010. A former journalist, she is currently editor of NextGen Homeschool and blogs on personal topics at A New Chapter. Her family lives in Castle Rock, Colorado.