Top Homeschool Posts of 2014: Homeschool 101

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Welcome to NextGen Homeschool’s Top Homeschool Posts of 2014 Series! This week we’ll be sharing the top homeschooling topics — and most viewed posts — of last year based on the number of reader views and pins at NextGen Homeschool. Pin this page so you can refer back to each topic as needed: It’s a great resource as you tackle the New Year!

Homeschooling 101

Many readers came to NextGen Homeschool last year looking for “Homeschooling 101” topics, such as facts and figures and what parents need to know about homeschooling today. These posts will help you find answers to the most common questions asked by new and prospective homeschoolers today.

Here are the Top Ten “Homeschool 101” posts of 2014:

Thank you for joining us as we take a look back at the Top Homeschool Posts of 2014 here at NextGen Homeschool! Stay tuned for the next post in this series: Top Homeschool Posts of 2014 on Homeschool Curriculum.