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Book Clubs: A Simple Homeschool Co-OpLast month I shared five steps to start a homeschool co-op at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler. This month, I’m sharing how to start a simple book club as a homeschool co-op based on my experience this past school year launching and running a girls book club with a handful of moms and daughters from our local homeschool group.

Whatever the form, homeschool co-ops are very useful for enriching your homeschool plans with additional academic and social learning opportunities. I’ve enjoyed being a part of organized co-ops, and I never intended to start a homeschool co-op myself. However, as I’ve shared in the past, I felt like something was missing from our enrichment activities, and the girls book club filled that gap for us.

So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler? ContributorJoin me at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler, where you will find my complete post on why a book club is a simple starting point for a homeschool co-op. Based on my experience, I share why a book club is a flexible and effective co-op idea, as well as how to go about setting one up. Our book club co-op has been a blessing in so many ways for my three daughters and our homeschooling mission. I believe that when God is calling families to come together for His purposes, He truly makes provision for all the details.

Here’s a look back at our journey with the girls book club this past year:


 Have you ever participated in a book club yourself? What do you think about being involved in a book club as a homeschool co-op? Would a book club work for your family? What other simple homeschool co-op ideas do you have? We’d love to hear about them!

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