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Have you ever anxiously awaited the arrival of a New Year — hoping for that all-important fresh start — only to be sorely disappointed when your resolutions go nowhere? Or have you ever achieved a major milestone, only to find that the pure bliss you expected to experience upon its completion was short-lived? Are we setting the right resolutions? And even if they’re “good” things to do, why are we still unfulfilled?

New Year Resolutions: Resolve to Seek & Serve Him in 2014Before you start yet another New Year resolutions checklist this year, join me at Managing Your Blessings, where I’m sharing what I learned about making resolutions that matter. Jesus gave us a very different point of view about setting priorities, and I’ll give you a hint: Most of the typical New Year resolutions are not on that list.

Making Resolutions? Resolve to Seek & Serve Him in 2014. Click here to read the full post at Managing Your Blessings.


Are you making any New Year resolutions? How will you resolve to seek and serve God in 2014?