Considering Homeschooling? Trust Your Calling

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Recently a good friend of mine surprised me by asking if we could get together to talk about homeschooling. I wasn’t surprised that she might consider it, but I was surprised by the timing and eagerness to get it all figured out right now — months before the school year’s end.

My friend summed up her sense of urgency about homeschooling this way: “It must be God. I can’t explain it any other way.”


We all have “gut” instincts, and most people would tell you to trust them. But what about your “God instincts,” aka His specific calling to you? Do you trust your Holy Spirit-led instincts as completely as you trust your gut? Do you believe that He’s calling you to homeschool, and if so, what do you do about the butterflies in your stomach or the detractors that are already causing you to doubt?

MYB-ContributorThis week I’m sharing my post “Considering Homeschooling? Trust Your Calling” at Managing Your Blessings, the new home of the Christian homeschooler’s blog “So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler.” Managing Your Blessings is a blog that encourages & teaches women how to cultivate their giftings & be faithful stewards of God’s blessings, and homeschooling is one of those gifts.

In my complete post, I share scriptures to stand on when you feel called to homeschool, as well as five ways to boost your confidence in your calling to homeschool. Click here for the full post.

Are you considering homeschooling, but anxious about the long list of questions and concerns in your head or shared by others? Are you a new homeschooler who is feeling overwhelmed and full of self doubt? The good news is you’re not alone: We’ve all been there! What concerns do you struggle with about homeschooling? What would strengthen your confidence?