Experiencing Holidays Through My Son’s Eyes

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I have a son that loves holidays. He’s eight. He never was into trucks or sports, but he can single-handedly decorate our yard, door, and every surface in our 825-square-foot home for the holidays — mostly with homemade original stuff. Maybe if we get lucky, he spends his own money to purchase “real nice” decorations from the 99-cents store.

I haven’t been sure what to do with this enthusiasm, because I am a visual merchandiser by nature (and in my previous career). I like to have a place for everything and have some rest for the eye visually — and the tchotchkes cramp my style. So where holidays are concerned, my husband and I haven’t been inclined to make too big a deal about them. That was before our son took it into his own hands.


As a parent, you desire to set the right precedence for your kids and not mislead them. However, I think we can use “holidays” — whether they be man-made, family-made, or historically made — as an opportunity to turn our children’s hearts to God. He provided seasons for us to remember Him in so many different ways. I’m learning that my son is already the little person who God created him to be. There is something in him that yearns for the seasonal change and the great expectation of “what’s next.”

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As Easter approaches, how do you view celebrating the holidays with your children? What are your favorite family Easter traditions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!