NGHS Journal: Rosanna Ward – Day 13, August 22, 2012

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Leif looking at a little dinosaur. Little did I know he was getting ready to bite its head off!

On Wednesdays we are supposed to go to my sisters house and do our school together.  I had planned to use play dough to “make” fossils, do a maze activity out of our history book as we

Joel’s footprint fossils

listened to the audio, and work on our history project.  I also planned to have the kids play Math Snap it.  But last night my Liz’s husband and oldest daughter ended up in the ER with ear pain – one had swimmer’s ear and the other an inner ear infection.  So we decided to take the day off so their house could recuperate.  Joel and I read a bible story about the flood, read over this week’s memory verse and then he did his math.  I am wondering what qualifies for “mastering” his addition facts?  He doesn’t write very fast but he is pretty fast although I still catch him using his fingers sometimes.  I can’t seem to find a definite answer on this.  After a quick break to bring the dog in, we moved on to science.  I read out of the Dinosaur Mystery and he did a dinosaur dot to dot.  Then he read a lesson out of McGuffey 2nd reader and copied out his memory verses.  By this time my older daughter was home from work and she had brought the boys home donuts so we took a snack break.  Then we played play dough and make fossils and talked about fossils and how they are made.  This kept both boys busy for a while – long enough for me to hand wash all the dishes that didn’t get washed in our broken dishwasher.  By the time the play dough was cleaned up it was time for lunch.  After lunch, I read out loud for awhile and we went over his spelling words.  Our read aloud book is Kingdom’s Dawn by Chuck Black.  This was all for the day as we had young adult guests and things got a little chaotic.  It is fun having two older daughters but when they are home during the day sometimes they can be helpful but sometimes they can be a distraction.  Today they were a distraction.

Story of the World 1 and 2

Today in the mail I received the Story of the World Volume 1 audio and Volume 2 audio and book used that I had bought off a message board for $50.  Even though we have used Diana Waring’s History Alive Unit Studies for years I bought the Story of the World Volume 1 book a month ago and have really enjoyed reading it so I thought it might be a good resource to add to what we are currently using.

Tomorrow perhaps my sis will bring her kiddos over here.  Hope they are all feeling better and ready to make a flood in a bottle and researching the art and music focusing on Creation and the Flood.

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  1. Rosanna, I like your journaling this year. Keep it up. I feel like I am watching your homeschooling. I enjoy knowing what you are doing week by week. Love you. Mom

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