Learning goes on when life interrupts schooling

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I used to feel guilty when life got in the way of our school lessons. When I homeschooled the girls, we would sometimes have days or even weeks when our lessons got put on hold because of some crazy life interruption. I was worried that because of the interruption, the girls would get “behind” or would have gaps in their education.

Then I would remember my own home education. I know there were times when I, as the student, knew that no “schooling” was happening that day. Being the studious girl I was, this really worried me at the time. But by the age of 16, I had no problem getting into Oral Roberts University (ORU) and no problems keeping up in my college classes.

Reflecting on this fact, I decided not to worry about my girls when we experienced those occasional schooling interruptions. Sure enough, they have both done just fine since they graduated from our homeschool.


The past few weeks have brought this feeling back to my attention. We have recently opened a second donut shop, which meant that much of my time and energy went into planning, organizing and opening the new shop. As a result, our homeschool schedule got interrupted.

However, on ribbon-cutting day last week, I was watching my girls — who have been involved in both shops — and I realized how much they learned and grew as students and young women on the days when “school” got put on the back burner in the past. Now, my girls know more about running a small business than many MBA graduates. They can easily communicate with people of all ages and can deal with real-world problems as they come. They intuitively understand marketing, supply and demand, inventory, management, and more.


I sincerely believe they could choose any career and quickly succeed at it. It’s apparent that the time they spent outside of their “school” education back then was just as important — if not more — to preparing them for a successful future.

Then there is my seven-year-old son Joel. I was watching him work with his daddy as well, and I am just awestruck and amazed at how much he has learned just by being his daddy’s sidekick. He goes with daddy to get inventory whenever he can, talks shop all the time, and can’t wait to make donuts too.


Thankfully he also loves to read and do math. However, even on days when we don’t get all of our school subjects done, I know now that he is always learning. I can relax and watch the real learning take place!

Has life ever gotten in the way of your schooling? Have you had days when you worried about getting enough “school” work done? Have you discovered other ways your children can learn when they’re not having a typical school day? We’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the comments area below.

Rosanna WardRosanna Ward is a devoted wife of 19 years and mother of four children, two of which are homeschool graduates. She currently homeschools her 7-year-old son Joel and her youngest son is a toddler. Rosanna is a homeschool graduate and has been homeschooling for seven years. Rosanna loves to study History and Genealogy: Her genealogy blog is called “Rosanna’s Genealogical Thoughts.” She and her family reside in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

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  1. Love it mom! Those days when school work got put off were always my favorites anyway. 😉

  2. I appreciate your view from the other side. We’re just beginning, and it’s reassuring that those crazy days won’t come back to harm us later! 🙂

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