Flashback Friday: Guardian Academy’s Unit Study Presentation Day

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In our homeschool this year… This year we at Guardian Academy (the little homeschool co-op I’m doing with my sister Elizabeth and her girls) are studying the Middle Ages using Diana Waring Presents: Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries. The plan is to study each unit for four weeks as suggested. At the beginning of each unit, each of our students chooses a research project from the research-and-reporting section, and they work on those projects for the next four weeks as we are working through the unit together.


The last Friday of the unit, we have a unit study presentation day. Each student makes a poster board with information and pictures to present. Using their posters as visual aids, they take turns sharing as the “judges” ask them questions about their projects. Then each judge votes with chocolate kisses.  When we are finished with all the presentations, the student with the most chocolate kisses wins the “biggest nerd” award (a big box of Nerds candy).

The children also display the art we worked on that month, and together we cook whatever cooking project was in the unit. Sometimes we have music from that era and perhaps a science project we have worked on that was related. Their art can win a prize as well. We did our unit presentation days this way a few years ago when my daughters were still in high school, and it was great fun.


In our homeschool this week… Today was our first unit study presentation day of this semester. The Mount Vesuvius & town of Pompeii model we created was on display, and Elizabeth’s daughter Stormie made Challah Bread. Stormie’s presentation was about about the Roman Empire, Rachael’s on the Roman soldiers, Faith’s on the Catacombs, and Joel’s on Pompeii.

The children had fun preparing their presentations. This year we are even going to try dressing up in costumes that go with our projects. For example, today Joel dressed as a slave of Pompeii that survived the volcano.


Most unit study presentation days I plan to have a few judges, but today since it was the first one of the year, Elizabeth and I were the only judges present. As you can see, the kittens decided to jump in on the judging as well! Elizabeth and I spent some time pointing out ways the children could improve and important things they need to remember about presenting. The purpose of ending our units this way is for the kids to get used to speaking in front of others, albeit a small group as of now. I am also hoping it helps cement in their minds some of the most interesting things they learned in each unit.

Do you use oral presentations or a unit study presentation day in your homeschool? If so, do you plan them regularly? Do you ever work on presentations with a larger group of people, such as a homeschool co-op or support group? What do your children think about doing presentations in front of a group?

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