Real-Life Homeschooling: A Day in Our Life

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RealLifeHomeschoolingButtonLast week I got to thinking about how our homeschool days have been flowing… all over the house. So I decided to take a few pictures of where we “did school” throughout the day to give you a glimpse of what real-life homeschooling looks like for our family.

On this particular day, I was late getting up and had a few chores to do before I could focus on our homeschool, so I set the boys — Joel (9) and Leif (4) — down to watch the Times Tales DVD in the living room. Leif enjoyed the stories almost as much as Joel, who the lesson was actually for.

After the DVD, I read our Apologia Biblical Worldview “Who am I?” lesson to the boys while they colored, sitting by the fireplace.


Then, I let Joel do his journal, reading lesson, and Life of Fred math lessons independently while I reloaded the dishwasher. After that, we did flashcards on the couch together: Joel is getting close to having his multiplication facts memorized, and Leif loves to do his number flashcards. Then I helped Leif with his letter matching on the floor.


For our history lessons, we are current reading about a pioneer family moving west on the Oregon Trail. Today we sat at the kitchen table and tried to make a covered wagon from a kit. A couple of the pieces need to be sanded down, so we didn’t get to finish.

Next, we did some science experiments in the kitchen. We are using Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics. I managed to add too much water to the cornstarch experiment, so instead we went into the my office and watched a YouTube video about how English Pudding (made of mostly cornstarch and water) could stop a bullet.


We ended the day by doing spelling and grammar at the dining room table. We learned all over the house, but least we didn’t have to do any school in the van on this particular day! For us, real-life homeschooling is being up and about, moving and doing, and learning alongside many life activities rather than just spending time at a desk with a schoolbook.

What does a typical day in the life of your homeschool look like? How does your homeschool day flow between bookwork at a desk and hands-on activities? Tell us in the comments.

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