An Open Letter to the Doubting Mama

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Dear Doubting MamaUnlike most homeschooling mamas today, I had opinions — and concerns — about homeschooling years before I became a mother. I was homeschooled in high school, so the idea of homeschooling was always in the back of my mind when I considered my own future family. However, being a homeschooled mama didn’t guarantee that I would feel more confident and sure about homeschooling than any other parent. In fact, I didn’t homeschool from the start because I struggled with many of the same doubts that you might be feeling right now.

Join me today at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler, where I’m sharing an open letter to all the doubting mamas out there who are struggling with homeschooling questions, including whether homeschooling is “the” answer for your family. My post, Dear Doubting Mama: Homeschooling isn’t the Answer, is a letter written just for you!

Are you still unsure about the decision to homeschool? Are you a new homeschooler feeling overwhelmed and full of self-doubt? Or are you a veteran homeschooler finding yourself facing new challenges that chip away at your confidence? You’re not alone! What homeschooling doubts are you struggling with?

This week NextGen Homeschool is linking up with Teach Them Diligently’s bloggers on the topic: “A Letter to Our Homeschool Sisters.” Visit the link-up for more encouraging letters from homeschooling mamas just like you on a variety of topics!

A Letter to Your Homeschool Sisters

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